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August 2, 2018  

SD 64 If she takes one for the team and plays with a straight woman, can he take pics?

August 2, 2018

We’ve just returned home from Naughty in Nawlins 2018 and yes, it was awesome! However, because we knew that we wouldn’t have time to record and edit this episode after returning, and because we also knew that our listeners tune into this podcast in order to hear thoughtful, challenging questions about lifestyle topics and not to listen to us brag about our mind-blowing vacations; we recorded this episode before NIN. Therefore, if you really want a recap of the fantastic times that were had, check out some of our friends and fellow podcasters; Average Swingers, Two or More to Tango and Sex Uninterrupted. 

In this episode, all three questions of our are a little provocative and challenging. This time we discuss the most commonly heard rule in the lifestyle and ask if its ever ok to “take one for the team”. Then we talk about the etiquette and protocol for taking pics in playtime situations. Finally we explore the meaning of the word “straight” when a woman identifies herself that way in a couple’s online profile.

The experience recounted in our diary story describes the grey area that exists in the idea of taking one for the team and the unexpected affects and consequences we had when our communication about a planned playtime wasn’t as strong as we’d have liked it to have been.