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September 2, 2018  

SD 65 Now that you’re more experienced, do you prefer to play on one bed or two?

September 2, 2018

While we know that our show is designed to stay focused on asking and exploring the unanswerable questions of the swinging lifestyle, this month we selfishly just can't resist reveling in a quick recap of our amazing trip to Naughty in N’awlins 2018 and then also our follow up excursion to Toronto for our anniversary just ten days later. It was a whirlwind couple of weeks full of new friends, wild parties and some of the most thrilling play experiences we’ve ever had. We're already booked for more fun next year. 

Happily, we get so many answers from listeners to our episodes’ questions that these days, our show practically writes itself. All we have to do is read the intelligent, creative, insightful answers written in by listeners. There were so many this month that we couldn't even hope to pack them all in. In this episode, our listeners answer questions about why swingers use the word “play”; about whether it's preferred to play in a hotel room with one king bed or two queen beds; and whether swingers become more or less selective with experience.

This episode’s diary story is a recent memory from a hotel takeover. We were glad we had a room with two beds in order to handle the fantastic free-flowing orgy that happened when we mingled an exciting, new, eager couple with some of our favorite sexy, experienced, friends. The encounter was the perfect example of the playfulness that occurs when six, openminded, adventurous, naked friends get together for an evening of casual, sexy fun.