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October 2, 2018  

SD 66 As experienced swingers, is it a good idea to share a room with newbies?

October 2, 2018

Our whirlwind travel schedule continues as we reminisce about our recent trip to the Napa Valley and the sexy encounter we had with experienced friends who showed us the finest places that the Northern California Wine Country has to offer. Luckily, we appreciate great sex more than we appreciate great wine.

This episode’s topics have a slant toward questions dealing with newbies. In it we discuss the query of whether our listeners prefer play with new or experienced couples. Then we dive into a conversation about the delicate situation of sharing a hotel room with another couple. Finally, we hear from listeners as to how we should reply to the most common email question we receive, what’s the best way to get started in swinging?

As long-time listeners know, Swinger Diaries started as our private recordings which we created to remember our adventures. To this day, after every encounter, in order to preserve the memory, we still pull out our phone and record the experience by making an entry in our intimate audio journal. We always swore that those recordings were far too personal to ever share… until today. For the first time, this episode’s diary story is the actual, groggy, morning-after recording of our observations after a wonderful evening in which special friends generously trusted us to explore a new sexual boundary with them. The audio is bad but the sentiment is unfiltered and real.