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October 3, 2018  

Our Top 50 Things About the Lifestyle

October 3, 2018


This list was compiled from our own experiences and with input from our listeners for Epidsode 50. We've posted it here at the request of our audience. You might say Episode 50 is kind of like our manifesto and we invite you to listen to the audio version too.



The top 50 things that we and our listeners love about the swinging lifestyle



50. People watching 

49. Flirting

48. Dancing together

47. Anticipating the party

46. Sex toys and porn

45. Creating and changing your rules

44. The standard club soundtrack

43. Conversations that are honest about absolutely anything

42. Taking sexy pics

41. Exposure to kink

40. It makes you better parents

39. Women getting to explore bisexuality

38. Dates

37. Buying club clothes

36. Trading stories

35. LS cruises

34. It makes you more open minded

33. Pole dancing

32. Costumes and theme nights

31. LS Podcasts

30. Getting ready to go out

29. Improved communication

28. Drinking with friends

27. Open compliments

26. Pride in yourself

25. Confidence in vanilla situations

24. Adventure

23. Kissing

22. House parties

21. Changing into lingerie

20. Hotel takeover parties

19. Club nights

18. Open conversations with friends about sex

17. Sexting

16. Pillow talk and communication

15. A secret you share

14. The friendly nature of swingers

13. A shared hobby

12. Dirty talk and fantasies

11. Motivation to get/stay sexy

10.  An amped up sex life

 9.    Comfort with nakedness

 8.    Pride in each other

 7.    Group playrooms

 6.    Watching your spouse in pleasure

 5.    Cuddling in the afterglow

 4.    Reconnection sex

 3.    Lifestyle resorts... Desire

 2.    The close friends you make

 1.    The way it develops and intensifies your relationship