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August 25, 2017  

About Paige and Penn

August 25, 2017
Penn and Paige are a mid-forties swinging couple living in the midwest. We have been in the swinging lifestyle since 2010 and host a podcast that seeks to inform, educate and expose people to the joys and benefits of swinging and to record a journal of a few of our sexy experiences.

As a committed faithful, loving couple with a large family, a fulfilling and strong 20 year marriage, and a happy, contented sex life, a few years ago we stumbled on Desire Resort in Riviera Maya Mexico and were exposed to a sexy new world that slowly changed our lives.

After many visits to that amazing place, and countless thrilling friendships, we were coaxed into the lifestyle by the sincerity, charm, playfulness, and genuine sex appeal of the fantastic people called swingers. Over time, this excitement crept into our everyday lives and now through new friends, clubs, parties, and dates, we live a closeted but very active swinging lifestyle.

We are deeply in love. We were high school sweethearts that have never lost our teenage crushes on each other and this wild adventure has made our passion for each other even more intense.

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